Understanding the Phenomenon of Terrorism and the Steps Undertaken By Indonesia

/ Senin, 02 Juli 2018 / 22.09

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Kombes Herry Dir PAM Obvit Poldasu

Sumut,Topinformasi.com - During the Chief of Police interview with News Asia channel

(1) how to understand the phenomenon and pattern of suicide bomb attacks in bbrapa church and Polreatabes Surabaya?

(2) why use an attack with family involvement, ie iatri and Children?

(3) no intelligence can prevent it?

(4) what happened in Mako Brimob Detention Station that killed officers?

(5) What is the development of terrorism in the world today and what steps does Indonesia take?

Kapolri say,
First, the counter-attack in Surabaya, new, is a new phenomenon. The offender activated the tactics of attacking the ISIS with the family.

Secondly, there is a strong conviction that family involvement, especially wives and children, as a medium of jihad for together into heaven.
Third, brainwashing (brainwashing) is done as an intensive indoctrination (intensive indoctrination) by JAD among new students and graduate scholars.

Thirdly, there is ISIS support in Indonesia that continues to perform the same attacks as ISIS did.
Fourth, intelligence sgt is very important in supporting information enrichment in the form of task force (task force), both at national and provincial levels.

Fifth, the Brimob Mako event is in management's responsibility that requires more security for patients and those who need special care (special care) with consideration. The Mako Brimob Rutan is not quite right (not profer) and good enough (enough) performance tuk meets the maximum safety standards, besides because of the increasing number of inmates (insan).

Sixth, the handling of terrorist attacks is not easy. There are many ways of crime of terror. The suicide bombing mode (suicide) carried out is ideological reasons (ideological reasons) by using various means that are really difficult to trace because no identity card is readable. Likewise dg the mode of resistance (confrontation) as happened in Pekanbaru.

Seventh, the brutal acts of the perpetrator are more severe because to use women and child.

Eighth, Understandable from Islam Islam tuk explained that haram law involves women and child in acts of violence.

Ninth, the phenomenon of terrorism is the iceberg (iceberg). Radicalization is an important transfer for the birth of an energy radical for the terrorist movement. And deradicalization is an attempt to scrape the iceberg from the base .***(Red)
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